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A retrospectiveon the work of Spanish photographer Miguel Trillo (Jimena de la Frontera, Cdiz, 1953). His work can be described asphoto-documentary, (though his first works are clearly experimental). His encounters with his subjects are almost always accidental, capturing their daily and habitual contexts. Since the beginning of the 80s, Miguel Trillo has depictedanonymousprotagonists from what was known as the "Movement" in Madrid, and has documented the evolution of urban "tribes", (Mods, Punks, Goths (Death-rockers), Rappers, Head Bangers...) over the last 3 decades all over the world. Hisphotographsdepictadolescentsand young adults searching for and asserting their identities through clothing, attitude, and behavior, reflecting the contradictions of a society that has played with experimentation and profound transformation. Look inside: http://issuu.com/ACTAR/docs/miguel_trillo/