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I’ve a feeling we ‘re not in Kansas anymore

I’ve a feeling we ‘re not in Kansas anymore

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Not only Mao before the masses, but also dozens of housewives armed with brooms, scores of Gillette razors and hundreds of Mon Chri chocolates. In a play on perceptions in which nothing (or everything) is what it seems, in the midst of a profusion of food tins, cleaning products, cars, reinforced concrete buildings and motorways populate the works of Thomas Bayrle (Berlin, 1937). Acclaimed as one of the voices of Pop Art in Germany, the truth is that Bayrle's ironic, repetitive, almost grotesque visual displays ultimately subvert the paradigms of the Pop movement. His works are practically psychedelic maps constructed from mosaics of images and hallucinatory to a point far beyond pop's hypnotic and surface effects. This book, based on the first retrospective devoted to this artist of artists, reproduces a selection of his work.