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The anxiously awaited follow-up to Holland Design, Super Holland Design explores new functionality in contemporary Dutch design. Featured designers transform concepts into strong messages, using new techniques and technologies. Dutch designers are inspiring exciting interactions between design and its users, compelling us to re-think the meaning of design itself. They question every aspect of design, creating new concepts, processes, and formats, bravely pushing the limits of user participation and the designer's role. Featuring: Herman van Bostelen, Catalogtree, Office of CC, De Designpolitie, Experimental Jetset, Hans Gremmen, Arjan Groot, Atelier van GOG, Hansje van Halem, Studio Kluif, Julia Mller, Dennis Koot, Koehorst in't Veld, Harmen Liemburg, Luna Maurer, Lesley Moore, Lust, Machine, Meta Haven, Richard Niessen, Ping-pong Design, Sander Plug, STAR, Strange Attractors Design, Roger Teeuwen, Minke Themans, Thonik, Toko, Werkplaats Typografie, You & McCuskey, Zeloot.