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Valparaiso School - Open City Group

Valparaiso School - Open City Group

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Since 1950 the avantgarde architect Alberto Cruz has had such a defining influence on the Faculty of Architecture at the Catholic University in Valparaiso that the phrase Valparaiso School was soon coined. Out of this work emerged in 1970 the anonymous group Open City Group. Architects, students, artists and scientists went on to form the Open City outside the town of Valparaiso. They chose the word open to convey their unique attitude to dialogue and work where members of the collective are the architects, the inhabitants and also the clients - and also to show their experimental form of architecture which included erecting 1:1 size models! Open also refers to the act of creating and confronting oneself with an unknown result. Architectural solutions emerge from the dialogue between architects from different schools with artists, scientists, painters, sculptors and writers. In this way many highly expressive buildings have been created.