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Santiago Calatrava – the Artworks

Santiago Calatrava – the Artworks

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Over the last 20 years, Santiago Calatrava has made literally thousands of drawings and paintings and more than a hundred sculptures. Many of his drawings portray the human body - often in motion - alone, or in groups, or in an architectural context. Others show preliminary ideas, subsequently transformed into sculptures and which go on to provide the inspiration for his bridges, railway stations, airports and museums. A drawing is always the starting point for an entire laboratory of ideas. This book contains a selection of over 200 drawings, water colours and depictions of sculptures, chosen by the architect and the author because they are particularly well-suited to showing how Calatrava s creative ideas ripen and develop, from the initial drawings, to the sculptures, finally attaining completion in the realised buildings. At the same time, it examines the interfaces between the fine arts, engineering and architecture.