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Influenced by the new digital context, architects have had to reconsider their work, while maintaining their firm belief in the material results of architecture. The book is divided into six chapters: synthetic logic, about concise and direct problem solving within a project; direct logic, which espouses an unbiased and uninhibited attitude; productive logic, which outlines new materialization methods and manufacturing potentials; interactive logic, which deals with potential relationships between building, matter and nature; processing logic, presents projects that consider information as a means of providing shape; and finally genetic logic, which posits design in accordance with dynamic and evolutionary systems. Compiled by Manuel Gausa and Susanna Cros, OPOP features projects by FOA, MVRDV, UN Studio, ACTAR Arquitectura, V. Guallart, D. Lewis, F. Roche, F. Soriano, NOMAD, Neutelings&Riedijk, Njiric+Njiric, Lacaton&Vassal, W. Mller, NOX, balos&Herreros, NL Architects, Priphriques and IaN+.