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Crossed Lines

Crossed Lines

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The new contemporary and interdisciplinary design terrain is at times vague and unclassifiable, engendering all sorts of exchanges, blends, transactions, frictions and superimpositions, sketching a map of the territory with new points of convergence and new crossings of information and action. Crossed Lines identifies this new cartography of design, fixing its gaze on the processes, strategies and alliances, as well as the objects and their creators. 39 works of diverse inceptions, formats and creators, including work by Atelier Bow-wow, Dunne & Raby, Do+Droog Design=Do Create, Hilde de Decker, El Perro, LOT-EK, Lucy Orta, Michael Lin, Neasden Control Centre, NO.MAD, Sixis Motiongraphics, Tord Boontje.