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Barcelona Lab

Barcelona Lab

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What is a city if not a network of flows, relations and interactions? We invite you to journey through Barcelona's network of creators and the spaces where they work. The project, consisting of photos taken by Jordi Bernad and Oriol Rigat, compiles a series of portraits of various workshops and studios, as well as the people who work in them. These spaces, some immaculate, others tidy and modern, chaotic and motley, others empty and sterile. Occupant and space are presented separately, where the body and the evidence of its labors remain distinct. Most interesting is the interaction and osmosis between this distinct parts that form a dynamic whole. Often these spaces are surprising, as is the case of one space, that seems a chemist's laboratory, but what is in reality, the kitchen of famous chef, Ferran Adri; What appears a rubbish storage shed, is in fact a designer's treasure hold; A tangled web of wires is not a computer laboratory, but a musician's practice studio; A travel agency, is in fact, the headquarters of Vasava, a studio of graphic designers. Here, the workshop is a stage that often undergoes a change of actors. Welcome to the network, welcome to Barcelona.