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New Aging

New Aging

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We are all aging –It is human nature– but with whom, how, and where we age has been largely standardized, and not for the better. In the United States alone there are 17,000 nursing homes, many of which serve to store old people until they pass away. While some nursing facilities are decorated with floral wallpaper and vinyl wooden floors, these domestic touches do not disguise our culture’s willingness to shun the aged, push them out of sight, and institutionalize the aging process. New Aging presents an alternative, offering radically commonsense ideas and projects that challenge the status quo and reintroduce the individual into the aging discourse. New Aging argues for innovative thinking about architecture for the old age and the limits of independence. The editors investigate physical environments—from Interboro Partners’ analysis of NORCs (Naturally Occuring Retirement Communities) in New York City, to HWKN Architects’ Geropolis, The City of the Elderly, to Dr. Bill Thomas’s The Eden Initiative—alongside insightful commentary from key contemporary thinkers on one of our most pressing social questions: How can we improve the aging process?