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In today’s fast-moving world everyone welcomes a place to relax, feel good, to recharge their batteries. Wellness and body care are gaining importance, and not only among the rich and famous. A huge number of wellness facilities have opened in recent years. Some are outstanding examples of superb interior design. Relax showcases the hottest 32 designs. It covers Spas and Thermal Baths, Massage, Hair and Beauty Salons, Health Farms and Gyms. Each project has been selected for its beauty and for the innovative concept behind its creation. In addition to works by well-known names such as Karim Rashid, Steven Holl and Jun Aoki, Relax includes interiors by promising young designers. All projects feature quality photography, in-depth essays, floor plans, project details and contact information. They are organized in four typological chapters, each of which concludes with an attractively designed yet unrealized project, illustrated with renderings.