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New Forms of Collective Housing in Europe

New Forms of Collective Housing in Europe

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Living individually while feeling comfortable within the framework of a collective building: this lifestyle trend is becoming increasingly evident. This inventory of new forms of collective housing in Europe documents forty-five built projects that can serve as models.Selected by leading international architectural critics, all of the buildings—by young, little-known architects as well as by such renowned names as Foreign Office, Manuelle Gautrand, MVRDV, and Miller & Maranta—are presented in texts and images and analyzed according to the same typological criteria. This has resulted in a fascinating picture of a wide variety of solutions that differ according to country and sociopolitical and cultural context.With contributions from Nick Barley, Bruce Begout, Stefano Boeri, Albert Ferre, Francine Fort, Caroline Goossens, Andrej Hrausky, Hans Ibelings, Anna Agata Kantarek, Bart Lootsma, Michel Lussault, Rafael Magrou, Ilka & Andreas Ruby, Marcus Steinweg, Maria Topolcanska, Katrien Vandermarliere, Jean-Didier Vincent, and Chris Younes.