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’scape is the new international magazine for landscape architecture, city planning, and urban design. Lively, with international voices and a critical eye, it presents selected news items, in-depth feature articles, concise essays, solidly based and informative project critiques, portraits of outstanding personalities, and reviews of new literature. ’scape puts planners under the microscope, probes deeply into topics of current interest, and discusses controversial topics – since the professional world needs a forum for spirited debate. ’scape is aimed at landscape architects, city planners, architects, artists, ecologists, geographers, project developers, and everyone in the public and private sectors who wishes to participate in the debates surrounding architecture and city planning.’scape is produced by the editors of the Dutch professional journal Blauwe Kamer and the experts from the book series Fieldwork: Landscape Architecture Europe. ’scape is published semiannually in English in cooperation with the Birkhauser Verlag.  Sections:NewsColumnsDossier, with feature articlesEssayPortraitProject critiquePlan critiqueReviews