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John Eliot Gardiner. Weber. Oberon (2 CD)

John Eliot Gardiner. Weber. Oberon (2 CD)

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John Eliot Gardiner. Weber. Oberon


Act One. In A Garden Full Of Beautiful Flowers In Glorious Bloom (Narrator)

No.1 Introduction: Light As Fairy Foot Can Fall (Elves)

Watching Over Oberon, His Sleeping Master. Puck Dismisses The Sprites And Elves (Narrator)

No.2 Aria: Fatal Vow! (Oberon)

Puck, Searching High And Low For These Paragons Of Fidelity, Has Found A French Chevalier (Narrator)

No.3 Vision: 0, Why Art Thou Sleeping, Sir Huon The Brave? (Reiza)

The Vision Is Gone. Oberon Wakes Huon (Narrator)

No.4 Ensemble: Honour And Joy To The True And The Brave! ... Deign, Fair Spirit, My Stegs-To Guide ... Can I Trust My Startled Sight? ... Speed, Huon, Speed! (Elves And Genii, Huon, Oberon, Sherasmin)

Huon Is Sure That His Vision Of The Princess Reiza Was No Delusion (Narrator)

No.5 Aria: From Boyhood Trained (Huon)

So Knight And Squire Take Ship From France (Narrator)

No.6 Finale: Haste, Gallant Knight... Joy! Joy! We Are Rescued In The Hour Of Need! ... Ah, Happy Maid! ... Hark, Lady, Hark! ... Now The Evening Watch Is Set ... О My Wild Exulting Soul (Reiza, Fatima, The Harem Guard, Female Slaves)

Act Two. No.7 Chorus: Glory To The Caliph, To Haroun The Just! The Caliph's Retinue

It Is The Wedding Day Of Princess Reiza And Prince Babakhan (Narrator)

No.8 (Dance Of The Bayaderes)

Reiza Whispers Anxiously To Her Maid, "Will My Rescuer Desert Me Now?" (Narrator)

No.8a [Melodrama]: Summoned By The Horn, Oberon Is Suddenly In Their Midst

While Huon And Reiza Get Ready To Leave, Sherasmin Seizes His Chance With The Pretty Arab Maid (Fatima Narrator)

No.9 Ariette: A Lonely Arab Maid, The Desert's Simple Child (Fatima)

All Is Now Set Fair For Both Couples To Sail From Ascalon Back To France (Narrator)

No.10 Quartet: Over The Dark Blue Waters, Over The Wide Wide Sea (Huon, Sherasmin, Reiza, Fatima)

But The Lovers' Troubles Are Only About To Begin (Narrator)

No.11 Solo And Chorus: Spirits Of Air, And Earth And Sea (Puck, Spirits)

John Eliot Gardiner. Weber. Oberon

On A Barren Island, Huon And Reiza Have Been Shipwrecked During The Great (Narrator)

No. 12 Preghiera: Ruler Of This Awful Hour, Spare, О Spare Yon Tender Flow'r! (Huon)

Huon Has Lost The Magic Horn Which Could Have Brought Them Relief (Narrator)

No. 13 Scena And Aria: Ocean! Thou Mighty Monster (Reiza)

What Reiza Has Seen Approaching Are Not Rescuers But Corsairs! (Narrator)

No. 13a Symphony: "Alas! Poor Mortal!" (Narrator)

Oberon Orders Puck To Erect A Pavilion Made Of Flowers To Shield Huon (Narrator)

No.14 Finale: And Hark, The Mermaids' Witching Strain Steals O'er The Lull'd And List'ning Main (Narrator) O! 'Tis Pleasant To Float On The Sea ... Master, Say! Our Toil Is O'er... Hither, Hither, Ye Elfin Throng! ... Who Would Stay In Her Coral Cave (Fir

Rescued By Corsairs, Fatima And Sherasmin Are Alive And Well In Tunis (Narrator)

No.15 Song: O Araby, Dear Araby, My Own, My Native Land! (Fatima)

Sherasmin Is Entranced By His Arab Girl (Narrator)

No.16 Duet: On The Banks Of Sweet Garonne ... Let's Be Merry, While We May (Sherasmin, Fatima)

Puck Has Magicked Huon To Tunis And Pronounces A Spell (Narrator)

No.17 Terzettino: And Must I Then Dissemble? - No Other Hope I Know (Huon, Sherasmin, Fatima)

But There Is No Response By Oberon To Their Eloquent Prayers (Narrator)

No.18 Cavatina: Mourn Thou, Poor Heart, For The Joys That Are Dead! (Reiza)

Almanzor Is Bewitched By Reiza's Beauty And Moved By Her Sorrow (Narrator)

No.19 Rondo: I Revel In Hope And Joy Again (Huon)

Suddenly The Curtains Part, But It Is Not Reiza Who Greets (Huon Narrator)

No.20 Chorus And Ballet: Fir Thee Hath Beauty Decked Her Bower! (Dancing Slave Girls, Huon)

Huon Tries To Break Free, But Roshana And Her Women Cling To Him (Narrator)

No.21 Finale: Almanzor Is Rooted To The Spot Narrator. Hark! What Notes Are Swelling? ... Rejoice, Rejoice, 'Tis The Horn Of Power! ... Hail, Faithful Pair, Your Woes Are Ended! (Slaves, Reiza, Fatima, Huon, Sherasmin, Oberon)

Huon, With True Heroism, Has Fulfilled The Terms Of His Reprieve (Narrator)

Marcia Maestoso - Behold! Obedient To The Oath He Swore, Huon Is Kneeling (Huon) Hail To The Knight With His Own Good Brand Charlemagne's Court
Роли исполняют:
Oberon - Steve Davislim
Reiza - Hillevi Martinpelto
Fatima - Marina Comparato
Sir Huon Of Bordeaux - Jonas Kaufmann
Sherasmin - William Dazeley
First Mermaid - Katharine Fuge
Second Mermaid - Charlotte Mobbs
Puck - Frances Bourne
Narrator - Roger Allam
Издание содержит 16-страничный буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском, немецком и французском языках.