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New Blueprint Intermediate: Workbook

New Blueprint Intermediate: Workbook

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New Blueprint Intermediate is a fully-integrated course for students who have completed two to three years' study of English. In approximately 120 hours the course takes students up to a good intermediate standard.
"New Blueprint Intermediate" answers the specific needs and problems of the intermediate learner in a way that is constantly challenging and highly motivating. It offers material which builds confidence and learner independence, and improves fluency and accuracy in the four skills.
"New Blueprint Intermediate" builds on the success of the original course, updating material and introducing new features.
- Opens with a Rapid Review section offering fast and efficient revision of basic grammar;
- Introduces regular Check and Use Your English sections to promote accuracy and fluency;
- Includes Progress Tests to help teachers and students spot areas of work needing remedial attention.
In addition the new course retains all the best features of the original edition of "Blueprint Intermediate".
- Gives specific focus to grammar and communication;
- Enriches vocabulary by developing word-building techniques;
- Emphasises reading and includes extracts from British and American literature;
- Provides stimulating topics ranging from personal morality to scandal in sport;
- Features a Student Cassette for use at home which gives pronunciation, stress and intonation exercises;
- Offers an optional video, Face the Music, based on the language syllabus of "New Blueprint Intermediate" and featuring the characters in the Students' Book. Издание на английском языке. Издание на английском языке.