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Jimi Hendrix: Experience

Jimi Hendrix: Experience



DVD Упрощенное Super jewel case 369 руб.
369 руб.
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The world was turned on to the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967 with the release of Are You Experienced? With a unique electric spin on R&B, rock, and soul, the Jimi Hendrix Experience would take the world by storm almost overnight and become the definitive voice of psychedelic music. By the end of that summer, Hendrix had become an international superstar.

The Experience DVD can be broken down into two sections. The first part is the half-hour documentary film Experience filmed in London 1967. The second half includes over 40 minutes of bonus material; live footage and music videos. Experience is more a collage of footage, including interviews and "videos," than a documentary. There are a lot better documentaries out there if historical accuracy is what you are looking for. However, if you want a glimpse of London in the late '60s and to see a young, optimistic, and happy Jimi Hendrix, Experience will deliver. The bonus material is what makes this DVD. The live footage is strong and the sound and visual reproduction is outstanding, particularly on the May 24, 1967, Stockholm performances of "Wind Cries Mary" and "Purple Haze." The highlight is the performance of "Red House" for SAT Swedish television on January 9, 1969; in spite of the obvious tension between the band members, the performance is perfect. The one low point: with these great extras and all the yet-to-be-released live footage that is still out there, one wonders why the DVD included an absurd "Dolly Dagger" video shot in 1997 and featuring Fawn Reed and James Hong. It's just awful. Fortunately it's at the end and doesn't take away from the overall strength of this title.
Live never-before-released performances of "Wind Cries Mary" and "Purple Haze" pour SVT Swedish Television (Popside, Stockholm, Sweden, May 24, 1967)
Live never-before-released performances of "Red House" and "Sunshine of Your Love" pour SVT Swedish Television (Number Nine, Stockholm, Sweden, January 9, 1969)
Live version of "Wild Thing" (Olympia, Paris, October 9, 1967)
"Hey Joe": original promotional film from 1967
"Dolly Dagger": 1997 music video with Fawn Reed and James Hong