King Crimson: Deja Vrooom

King Crimson: Deja Vrooom

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7 camera angles during "Vrooom Vrooom"--the full band plus an angle for each of the six band members--plus 7 Dolby Surround mixes to choose from, highlighting each instrument.

Two camera angles available during "Frame by Frame," "Three of a Perfect Pair," "Indiscipline," and "People".

"21st Century Schizoid Band" - A revolutionary interactive musical game, where the player may compile their own version of "21st Century Schizoid Man" by choosing one of four rhythm sections, vocal tracks and soloists from any of various incarnations of King Crimson.
"Tony's Road Movies" behind-the-scenes footage from bass player Tony Levin.
Excerpts of written commentaries by Robert Fripp.

01. Circular Improv
02. Vrooom Vrooom
03. Frame By Frame
04. Dinosaur
05. One Time
06. Red
07. B'Boom
08. Thrak
09. Matte Kudasai
10. Three Of A Perfect Pair
11. Vrooom
12. Coda: Marine 475
13. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
14. Elephant Talk
15. Indiscipline
16. Talking Drum
17. Lark's Tongues In Aspic Part Ii
18. People
19. Walking On Air
Хронометраж: 20 минут,
Английский Dolby Digital 2.0

  • Schizoid Man Game
  • Tony's Road Movies
  • Commentaries
  • Biography
  • P. J. Crook