Scorpions. MTV Unplugged In Athens (3 LP)

Scorpions. MTV Unplugged In Athens (3 LP)

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Sting In The Tail

Can't Live Without You

Pictured Life

Speedy's Coming

Born To Touch Your Feelings

The Best Is Yet To Come

Dancing With The Moonlight

In Trance - Scorpions - With
Cathe исполнитель

When You Came Into My Life

Delicate Dance (Matthias Solo)

Love Is The Answer (Rudolf Solo)

Follow Your Heart (Klaus Solo)

Send Me An Angel

Where The River Flows

Passion Rules The Game

Rock You Like A Hurricane - With
Йоханнес Стрейт исполнитель

Hit Between The Eyes

Rock 'N' Roll Band


Still Loving You

Big City Nights

Wind Of Change - With
Мортен Харкет исполнитель

No One Like You

When The Smoke Is Going Down
LP 1:
Tracks 1-8
LP 2:
Tracks 9-17
LP 3:
Tracks 18-24