Elements of Denial - A Memoir of Integration

Elements of Denial - A Memoir of Integration

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Maria Russo is a retired Service Manager of Verizon Enterprise Solutions and is now an author of this non-fiction book about her life. Her goals in writing this book are to reach people who suffered from the same psychological challenges as her and the mental health industry. She lived a double life, or more precisely a "multiple" life. She suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). She shares her experiences that brought her to successfully integrate all her identities (personalities) into a whole and dynamic woman. Most books regarding this subject focus on people who do not completely integrate. She wants the world to know that it is possible to integrate and stay integrated. She is a delightful woman that fully enjoys life. She believes she was born into her family and lived with extreme abuse in the first eleven years of her life so she could share how to successfully love yourself and the world around you.

"Join Maria on this journey of hope and healing, as she courageously shares her climb from victim to survivor, in a gripping, yet vulnerable portrait of her life. May this book give its readers the same possibility of seeing miracles in their own lives."

-Carol A. Meier, M.A, LPC, NCC

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