Dealing with the Difficult

Dealing with the Difficult

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Dealing with the Difficult pursues the truth found in understanding difficult Scripture texts, doctrines, and eschatology.

Some sayings of Jesus are often misunderstood or taken out of context. Dr. Maslin brings clarification to these and other difficult Scripture passages, such as those regarding “falling away,” “being accursed from Christ,” or “succession and perpetuity.” A closer look at difficult doctrines, including grace, free will, speaking in tongues, and others, will help Bible students in their pursuit of truth and practice of biblical doctrine.

When we come to end-time events, there are many popular opinions, though not necessarily accurate understandings, which must be explored further, such as the nature of the Millennium.

There is no attempt to avoid controversy. The author is concerned only with arriving at truth. While this study is in no way way intended to offend, there are many supposedly settled conclusions held by sincere believers at which a closer look is needed.

To achieve this goal, Dr. Maslin leads us through a careful study of these topics and many more. It is his prayer that every student of the Word will be edified, and grow in grace and the knowledge of the truth.

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