The Guidebook Collection of Transforming

The Guidebook Collection of Transforming

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The Guidebook Collection of Transforming: Unlearning / Undoing / Creating is a step-by-step process that enabled the author to overcome past, conditioned habits born out of verbal, mental, and sexual abuse that began in early childhood. Through healing and recovery, it was discovered, as each memory was processed, the body went through the same stages of healing: denial, shock denial, shock, realization, grief, anger, and then memory detachment. The memory doesn't go away, but you are no longer bound to it. After finishing memory processing, it was discovered that the author's belief system was based on false and unhealthy information. Again, in a step-by-step fashion, she was able to transform those false beliefs into healthy ones by unlearning, undoing, and creating.

Levels of trauma and abuse range from mild to severe, and this guidebook can help. Whether you were raised by well-intentioned but misguided folk or by people who also suffered in their upbringing and continue the abuse, this guidebook can help. The Guidebook Collection of Transforming does not concentrate on the abuser, but the abused. This series is about fixing what is broken within; it is not about blaming others.

All facets of the recovery process experienced are detailed in the series. This first guidebook, The Groundwork (Preparation), is a helpful reference as it provides an overview of a list of subjects that can aid you before you even begin. The Guidebook Collection of Transforming provides information you need along your journey, so you know what to expect before it happens. It is a handy reference tool to refer back to again and again.

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