How to Uplift the UAE Economy Without Oil Revenue

How to Uplift the UAE Economy Without Oil Revenue

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This book is meant to change the world by removing poverty and government debt. This is accomplished by… collecting more revenue than annual budgets… without taxes… within the a period of time as short as thirty days… while reducing inflation… recreating an industrial revolution… reducing the cost of living by at least half… the start of interest free banking… the end of terrorism… the eradication of drug abuse and much more.

Traditional economists will tell you that this can’t be done, but this has been proven mathematically and economically within this book.

Tax and interest are the two worst enemies of mankind causing significant problems in every country around the world. By removing these two evils, one can achieve all of the aforementioned societal benefits within no time.

A reward of TEN MILLION DOLLARS is being offered to anyone who can disprove these facts!

Within these pages, the United Arab Emirates has been used as a case study, in which this new and innovative methodology has been applied theoretically, with astonishing results proving all the above points beyond any doubt. With these results, even the poorest nations will become self sufficient, without foreign aid of any kind.

Read this book to discover and become part of the most compelling economic revolution of the century. These methods will change the economic system of the world, which has been based upon policies, techniques and methods that are sorely outdated.

All the great economies of the world are under the giant burden of debt and they hire the top economists of the world whose job is to solve these problems. In fact all these economic giants should rethink and open their minds to the changing world order and think of practical economics, which will help the nations and not the theories, which have no value to help anybody in the world. Discover the economic revolution within these pages and help shape the world of potential that has been proven to be possible.

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