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Essentials of Negotiation Уцененный товар (№1)

Essentials of Negotiation Уцененный товар (№1)

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The organization of this volume generally follows the more complete Fifth Edition of "Negotiation". The fundamental difference between this and the Fifth Edition text is that this book contains only 12 chapters, while the complete Fifth Edition contains 20 chapters. The first four chapters have only been minimally shortened for this volume, because we believe that the content is essential to any negotiation course. (The shortening process includes editing out some of the more research-oriented references and descriptions, deleting many of the boxes and sidebars, and occasionally some secondary sections.) Similarly, the last chapter is reproduced in full. The other seven chapters from "Negotiation" have been included but shortened by 25-50 percent each.

Формат: 18,5 см x 25 см.
4 edition.