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The New Stage of Capitalism

The New Stage of Capitalism

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Capitalism research has been a constant research subject of critical thought in the world. Marxists and left activists are the irreplaceable actors for that critic. And, generally Marx's Capital has been the basis of all debates and controversies. And we cannot ignore those several arguments holding the view that Marx's capital and capitalism and class analysis have proved invalid throughout the contemporary history. Another view holds that capitalism and capitalist society is faced by a disastrous regress to barbarism. As capital and capitalism develops forward these debates will never end , but revival and creative progress of Marxist tenets on the issue based on the recent facts of the era has long called Marxists on this task. Due to several historical reasons and internal problems several basic tenets of Marxist capitalism and capital analysis was damaged remarkably. We have chosen this book from Chinese scholars who have paid a valuable effort to revive those tenets together with a comprehensive analysis on contemporary developments. Our title seems too radical, we agree that capitalism has not entered into a brand new stage recently; though it has gained many new features with corporate capital and internationalization. We simply preferred to re-underline the state monopoly capitalism already long on the stage but shadowed by ideology or new facts. As capitalism and capital was developed in the womb of the old society, socialism and social capital is dialectically developed in capitalism every hour and every day; this is the realistic basis of all the practice to deepen and accelerate this process. This is another way of saying socialism opposes private capitalist property and capitalism but is inherently combined and related with them in several patterns dialectically in the process of opposition. This is one of the main aspects in this book inherited and revived creatively from Marx's work. Originally, one of the aims of this scholarly book was to offer further research material for higher education in political or social economics in Mainland China. Their counterparts living in the same world can also find abundant material and different aspects in this book and especially on the globalism process. This work was finally compiled by the Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" Thought Research Center in China. The task of this research book was to find a proper method for "understanding the historical process of capitalist development". A research team mainly composed of instructors engaged in teaching and researchers studying on modern capitalist economy for many years and also some doctors have contributed to the main effort for this book . A draft was produced on the basis of earnest discussions held for more than several times, and we have solicited opinions of the leaders of the Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" Thought Research Center as well as the China Renmin University Press throughout the process of writing. We have then made further revisions on the manuscripts collecting valuable opinions raised by the experts. The work presented to the reader now is accomplished by relevant scholars through joint efforts.
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