Gothic Romance 5 (2 CD)

Gothic Romance 5 (2 CD)

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Gothic Romance 5

Lacuna Coil - Within Me

Nightwish - Away

Mono Inc. - Never Say Die

Poisonblack - From Now-here To Nowhere

Nemesea - High Enough

Stream Of Passion - The Hunt

Exilia - In My Veins

Xandria - Some Like It Cold

Delain - Come Closer

Sentenced - End Of The Road

Coronatus - Terra Incognita

Dommin - Remember

Leandra - Lullaby

The Beauty Of Gemina - Voices Of Winter

Arven - Midwinter Nights

Eisbrecher - Der Hauch Des Lebens

Type O Negative - Love You To Death

Gothic Romance 5

Subway To Sally - Am Ende Des Wegs

Megaherz - Abendstern

Darkseed - Seeds Of Sorrow

End Of Green - Starlight

Seelenzorn - Wann Kommt Die Zeit

Tristania - Amnesia

Sirenia - The Enigma Of Life

Visions Of Atlantis - Reflection

Mooncry - Hopeless Play

Alien Hand Syndrome - Broomstick Jesus

Elysion - Weakness In Your Eyes

Liv Kristine - The Rarest Flower

In This Moment - Into The Light

Letzte Instanz - Winter

Cryoshell - Trigger

Krypteria - (How Can Something So Good) Hurt So Bad

Schlagwerk - Schliess Die Augen
К изданию прилагается 4-страничный вкладыш со списком треков.