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Clio Awards Annual 2000 Уцененный товар (№1)

Clio Awards Annual 2000 Уцененный товар (№1)

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Clio is proud to present the winners of its 2000 worldwide competition.
Clio is the largest and most celebrated festival of its kind. For 41 years, we have sought to attract the best work from agencies and production houses all over the world. We have then submitted that work to a jury of leading professionals, who have distinguished themselves in their fields, who represent the very best of craft, and who take the responsibility of judging very seriously.
Clio does not instruct the jury, other than to encourage it to award ideas rather than mere execution. Clio supports an honest, democratic and non-political system of judging. Each piece is judged on its own merits. First the jury votes a shortlist of the best work. From those finalists, the jury then determines which pieces, if any, are worthy of a statue. We present three statue levels: gold, silver and bronze. And occasionally, the judges honor a particular piece with a Grand Clio, our best of show.