Your New Energy

Your New Energy

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Your New Energy


While Man has steadily increased his energy demand, he has decreased his sources of energy. Coal, oil, and gas supply 90 percent of today’s massive and growing energy demand. The problem is that each of these sources derives its energy from fire, which also produces carbon dioxide and many toxic materials. We have so increased our demand that we have changed the atmosphere of the earth and acidified our oceans. Man has increased the carbon content of the earth’s atmosphere 40 percent in one century and warmed the earth 2°F in the process.

Your New Energy presents alternatives. The earth is assailed by energy from many sources that Man has largely ignored until very recently. These New Energy sources include solar, wind, geothermal, tides, rivers, and streams. Every one of these sources comes free to us every day. They cannot be used up, and they are everywhere, so they don’t have to be shipped hundreds of miles to the user. Your New Energy explains each of these sources and provides guidelines on how to utilize them. There are several kinds of Solar Energy, which require different mechanisms to utilize. Winds vary enormously and require different mechanisms to capture. Since these New Energies are everywhere, they lend themselves to small individual facilities for homes and communities—domestic energy. Domestic energy is one-third of our energy demand, so capitalizing on New Energy will drastically reduce Man’s wasteful use of polluting fossil fuels. It invites you to use those ubiquitous sources of New Energy that are not only clean, but free.

Twenty chapters discuss each of these sources and explain ways for everyday people to make use of them. It invites people everywhere to form small EnerJett organizing groups in their neighborhoods to study, evaluate, and install clean, free energy. It emphasizes that doing it together (DIT) not only makes the task easier, but makes it fun and rewarding. It as a guide to the inexperienced who need the results but lack the knowledge to achieve them.

Long term, the objective is to have a world full of energy-independent neighborhoods—the largest cottage industry in the world.

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