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Company Director: Powers and Duties

Company Director: Powers and Duties

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Published in association with the Institute of Directors, this new seventh edition of The Company Director outlines the powers, legal obligations and corporate responsibilities of a director and clearly defines his relationship to the company and its employees, to the shareholders and to his fellow directors.
Tougher legislation and stiffer penalties for improper conduct make being a director a more responsible and difficult role than ever before.
Thousands of directors have relied in the past on this book above all others. Now in its seventh edition, fully revised and updated to take account of the Companies Act 1989 and recent important court cases, The Company Director is the ideal companion for all directors and their professional advisers.
"A comprehensive and easy-to-read guide ...the standard legal reference work for the director. I commend this latest edition to all company directors." Peter Morgan, Director General, Institute of Directors.
Just a few of many crucial issues covered:
- What action you should take if you disagree with a fellow board member such as a dominant chairman or managing director
- When to seek professional advice because, despite the cost, not to do so would expose you to even greater liability
- How to ensure your share transactions do not break insider dealing laws
- How to get the company to pay for directors' personal liability insurance
- How to avoid personal liability if your company runs into financial difficulties - a practical checklist is included of what to do to avoid a charge of wrongful trading
7th edition.