Accidental Spy

Accidental Spy

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Senate investigator Jackson Guild—that’s Guild as in wild—trips over a nuclear weapon.

It was an accident. An accident ticking down in the beating heart of Washington, DC.

Guild just came at it all backwards. He was busy elsewhere, chasing Wall Street War Lord, Manny Granov, the man who set off the financial collapse of 2008. While thumbing over a paper trail of Granov’s offshore accounts, Guild discovered a secret bridge connecting the War Lord and the CIA.

Falling over the bomb took a little more footwork.

Guild discovered Granov was the cashier and cut out for the CIA’s operation Lame Duck, which secretly off-loaded Moscow’s most secret nuclear warheads based in Kazakstan. It was a sweetheart deal. But one of the five big bombs fell off the truck, then vanished for 18 years.

Early in 2009, as Guild ran his eyes over a bill of lading, he noticed a set of familiar numbers, 15F42, a type of nuclear weapon the US argued over during SALT disarmament talks. According to the bill of lading in Granov’s papers, a refrigeration unit marked 15F42 had docked at the Red Hook Container Terminal in Brooklyn, NY, five miles from the Empire State Building.

Now the CIA and the FBI were sitting in Guild’s office in the Hart Senate Office Building. The espionage and counter espionage folks had grown certain that Guild knew more than he admitted about 15F42. So they used him as bait in a shark tank of terrorists.

The feeding frenzy that didn’t end until a Mumbai-styled attack on Washington’s Union Station tore across the capital throughout the evening of Sunday, September 27, 2009. Pockets of resistance fought on until 10:28 on a cloudy Monday morning. That’s when it became clear the murderous 20-man suicide attack was a diversion planned for something much bigger.

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