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Steve Jobs: The Man Who thought Different

Steve Jobs: The Man Who thought Different

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Steve Jobs's path was never predictable. He was given up for adoption at birth, he dropped out of college after one semester, and at the age of twenty-one, he created Apple in his parents' garage with his friend Steve Wozniak.
Quickly rising to the top of his industry, Jobs pushed all boundaries and cultivated what became the intrinsic hallmark of his genius - his perfectionism, taste, and design style. But soon after success. Jobs was fired from the top spot of his own company. Finding himself a beginner again, Jobs entered into one of the most creative periods of his life.
Through Pixar, the iPod, and the iPhone, Jobs revolutionized the major industries of movies, music, and phones. An avid seeker of disciplines of the mind and body, he battled cancer for nearly a decade, became the ultimate CEO, and made the world want every product he touched.
This is his story.