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A French Woman's Secrets to Having Your Cake and Eating it, Too!

A French Woman's Secrets to Having Your Cake and Eating it, Too!

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A French Woman's Secrets to Having Your Cake and Eating it, Too!

The Secrets to Domestic Arts, Optimal Health, Courageous Fashion, With a Revolutionary Cookbook

This book came about through the encouragement of a friend who envisioned the value
of my gathering together, in written form, what he referred to as my "secrets", as a French
woman, to living so energetically, productively and well with wisdom, style and grace.
Since my passion in life is to empower others, his words were the impetus to begin
compiling a lifetime of knowledge absorbed from my native French upbringing and
personal life experiences to create a manual that would inform and stimulate as well as
empower its readers. I knew that a focus on the devouring, time-consuming facets of daily
life, if infused with a refreshed order, simplified, rendered practical, economical, functional
and comprehensive, would impact the reader in a positive way. Giving my readers the right
tools would enable them to transform the myriad of actions performed on a daily basis into
a more purposeful, efficient, meaningful and rewarding way of living.
Nothing in this manual is extraordinary or unusual, quite the contrary; it is all basic, classic
and logical. In the last three decades, we have been distracted by so much newness in
services, products and their uses that we are all somewhat confused about what is actually
most beneficial to us. There is an underlying simplicity to life that is unfortunately
overshadowed by the complexities of modern living. My goal was to clearly explain the basic
principles of this simplicity that enhances life for one's own ultimate benefit, gratification
and pleasure.
I expect my readers to put their own "spin" on the recommendations in this manual, that
is, to modify and improve upon them according to their own preferences, especially those
in the culinary section. Assuredly, it is in synergism, of different thoughts and ideas that
magic occurs.
Recommendations throughout the manual are tried and true, emanating from the French
culture, with its centuries-old traditions and high standards for living well, and from what
I have learned and practiced in my daily life. I most definitely have been justly served and
benefited enormously by following these principles.
My wish for readers of this manual is that your lives are enriched by the amazing potency
that lies in the wise teachings of the French culture and traditions and that you are inspired
and empowered to refine the daily actions that, in part, define us.

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