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Tourism Entrepreneurship in Assam

Tourism Entrepreneurship in Assam

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Assam, as one of the prominent States of the North Eastern Region (NER) of India, has every scope of being the chosen destination of tourists because of its natural beauty, rich tourism products, ethnic diversity, and uncharted mysteries. Despite resource abundance, Assam is almost insignificant in the beneficiary list of Indian tourism industry. Entrepreneurial development in the sector can be a strong antidote for poor level of tourism performances. The book is an attempt to make a modest and pioneering contribution based on primary data on the emergence, performance, and problems of tourism entrepreneurship in accommodation industry in Assam, in particular, and the North-East India, in general. The book analyses the motivational preferences of nascent as well as non-nascent tourism entrepreneurs and determines the degree of influence of motivational aspects in choosing entrepreneurial activities in tourism sector. The study provides a conceptual model of entrepreneurial growth in tourism sector. This book provides a detailed analysis of entrepreneurial behaviour in tourism industry of a less developed territory of India.