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Financial Markets in Vietnam''s Transition Economy

Financial Markets in Vietnam''s Transition Economy

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In 1986, Vietnam initiated its extensive economic reform program, known as Doi Moi, which saved the country – then in a devastating economic crisis – from a collapse. The introduction of market system has brought back substantial changes in both people’s life and the national economy. Market mechanism, commercial institutions, private properties and capital goods ownership, free trade… have since come into existence. Gradually, financial markets have grown up to be a critically component of Vietnam’s economic transition. This book provides some in-depth introduction and analysis of Vietnam’s financial markets with emphasis on corporate debts and equity, gold and foreign exchange. It may be regarded as one of the most important contributions to the literature of Vietnam’s financial economics, thus far. It contains original research results, which should benefit readers with interest in understanding the contemporary issues of Vietnam’s economy, for either business or academic purposes. In addition, policy makers and international donors could also find its insights and implications useful; many of which are original and supported by empirical evidences.