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Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles

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Leadership has been one of the most popular concepts in history. It has intrigued many scholars so far and they have tried to define it many ways possible for it is an abstract term. What is the difference between managing and leading? Why do people resort to leaders in times of hardship and turbulence? As the review of literature shows early definitions of leadership consists of behavioral and contingency theories. On the other hand, recent theories of leadership offer more up-to-date terms like charisma and vision. This book, however, focuses on L.G. Bolman’s and T.E. Deal’s leadership frames, namely, structural,human resource, political and symbolic leadership to define it. In an attempt to discover the leadership styles of public elementary school principals in Turkey, this book presents the results of a survey research carried out with 350 principals and 700 teachers. The findings should shed light on which leadership frames principals fit into as perceived by themselves and teachers whom they work with. This book should be especially useful to educational administrators, teachers or even to those who are interested in the driving forces that lead an organization.