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Assessment of Customer Satisfaction on Ethiopian Made Leather Footwear

Assessment of Customer Satisfaction on Ethiopian Made Leather Footwear

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Customer satisfaction is a term that has recieved much attention and interest among scholars and practitioners perhaps because of its importance as a key element of business strategy, and goals for all business activities. The objective of this work is to assess the level of customer satisfaction on Ethiopian made footwear at Mekelle city. The feasibility study conducted by Sheba Tannery shows that the market trend for leather footwear is relatively stable and demand and supply gap still remains high.However, the researcher was interested to see the customer satisfaction level of the local footwear. Nature of the study is descriptive and sample size is 200 respondents. The researcher used interview and questionnaire. The collected data were organized and analyzed using SPSS software. Major findings indicated that in general customers are satisfied with quality and price.Finally,recommended that manufacturers and distributers should regularly measure customer satisfaction and should improve some part of the footwear. Leather manufacturing industries,Prospective local and international enterpreneurs are benefited from this work.