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Impact of Microfinance

Impact of Microfinance

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Blurb Microfinance(MF)is a well recognized & widely accepted concept in every economy of the world.It''s an important mechanism of improving the quality of life of poor&lower income groups through group based economic and social inter-mediation.From that ground different organizations of Bangladesh(BD)have taken this program sincerely & despite some criticisms the journey is successful. The monograph contains an introduction,&explains economic overview and financial system of BD. Analysis of performance of MF programs of different organizations are meaningful and relevant.Result of impact of microfinance can be taken as a well-organized guide for readers.It is intended to serve as a guiding resource for academic researchers,students,professionals &for MFIs. Md.Safiullah,MBA,lecturer of Finance&Banking.He has publications in Bangladesh & in abroad.Some of his self authorship&co-authorship articles are:Superiority of Conventional&Islamic Banks of Bangladesh:An Empirical Study,Contribution of Conventional&Islamic Banks in the Economy of Bangladesh: A Comparative Study,Success Stories of Management Efficiency of the Professional Expatriates in the Gulf:A Lessons for Bangladesh.