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Motivation, Purpose and Persistence: Pursuing a Leadership Degree

Motivation, Purpose and Persistence: Pursuing a Leadership Degree

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This study used qualitative data collection methods to examine and gain insight into the motivations and influences of students pursuing a graduate Leadership degree at University of Victoria. The four main themes that emerged from this study were: (a) work or career, (b) financial, (c) family and (d) personal. These themes categorized participants’ motivations, influences and systems of support within the graduate students pursuit of their Leadership degree. The foremost and noteworthy finding within this study was that students were motivated and influenced to pursue their graduate degree for intrinsic motivations, such as an interest in learning and a desire for knowledge; with financial remuneration and career advancement only being additional benefits to their degree pursuit. Another important finding was that students obtained their emotional and financial support mainly from their family, yet their family and work could be credited as their main stresses and barriers to their persistence within their degree.