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Environmental Finances

Environmental Finances

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In this century, the world is directed to the environmental problems. Notedly, are rares evaluation models of the credit risk aggregating the environmental variable as much it isnt part of the intention of methodology, as by the method isn''t transparent about its methodology. This work intends to contribute for the development of a model about the evaluation of the credit risk, aggregating the environmental variable. Thus, this research was based on an exploratory methodology which technique was essentially made by a bibliographic survey, with the principal purpose to present a manner of mensuration and identification of the more frequently risks under the optical of the concession of credit. It were accosted aspects of financial management, of environmental law and Brazilian Legislation, as well as the analysis of some eco-efficiency and environmental indexes. At last, based upon some systems of risks classification, it was presented a contribution to the model of evaluation of risk, aggregating the environmental variable. This collaboration should be specially useful to professionals in Financial Risks fields, or anyone who has interest in Environmental Finances.