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Cognitive-Experiential Self Theory and Transformational Leadership

Cognitive-Experiential Self Theory and Transformational Leadership

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This book examines the relationship between information-processing and leadership styles in school principals via an integration of two theories: Epstein’s cognitive-experiential self theory (CEST) and Bass and Avolio’s full-range leadership theory (FRLT). The series of five studies provide empirical support for a CEST-transformational leadership model. Implications for educational leadership at the theoretical and practical level are discussed. Establishing a positive connection between information-processing, transformational leadership, and the choice of conflict-handling styles appears to promote effective school leadership that, in turn, is thought to influence teachers’ job satisfaction and students’ learning outcomes. Being first to consider school leadership via the two perspectives of CEST and transformational leadership, this book is novel and is of direct relevance to educational leadership and all engaged in coaching for transformational leadership development.