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Social Media Marketing vs. Conventional Marketing Practices

Social Media Marketing vs. Conventional Marketing Practices

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This book shows the way to micro businesses how to build or transform their business into a social media-enabled enterprise where consumers, employees and prospects connect, collaborate and champion their products or services. Every business can use this emerging media to increase their bottom line figures through sales and this book will show you how.PART ONE introduces the concept of micro business and explains how marketing in small firms in not a miniature of large businesses. PART TWO refreshes the conventional marketing practices in a step wise manner. PART THREE offers a detailed description of social media marketing and how it enables to strengthen the relationship building process. PART FOUR shows whether or not it is the right time for small business to embark on social media bandwagon. In simple words this book will show you how to harness the collective wisdom and the viral nature of your stakeholders and how to steal a lead from your competitors on the social media landscape.