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Fashion Re-consumption

Fashion Re-consumption

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This Masters Thesis was researched and written as the sustainable fashion movement was beginning to emerge. The introductory chapters establish the need to respond to Australia''s problem of wasteful consumerism which amounts to $1.7 billion spent on clothing that is not used, every year. Within the literature review, the social and cultural role of fashion consumption are explored, demonstrating how the swapping solution proposed appeals to human values rather than being a purely ecological solution. Since the completion of this thesis, the author has transformed the clothes swapping concept into a business called “The Clothing Exchange”. From humble beginnings towards a flourishing future, The Clothing Exchange has inspired many swaps across Australia and beyond. This research represents some of the early thinking within the sustainable fashion movement. The originality of this thesis can be attributed to the attempt to balance the truth of modern consumerism with the need for sustainable lifestyles.