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Arab GCC Banking

Arab GCC Banking

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The increasing competition in banking sector is forcing GCC banks to improve efficiency and profitability in order to gain a competitive edge on rivals and enhance or even maintain their market share and profits. Such banks will be compelled to deliver the services to customers at the lowest possible costs. GCC countries want to keep intervention, control and regulation of the banking industry at the same time maintaining consumers’ protection. Hence, all parties concerned will be interested in estimating the cost consequences of their decisions. Therefore, an examination of the competitive conditions of GCC banks is an important issue. The objectives of this book are to evaluate the market structure and to assess the competitive conditions of GCC countries’ local banks. This study Makes recommendations, focusing on areas of reform in the banking industry that the GCC authorities have to target in the future. The recommendations should be useful to policy makers and regulatory authorities as well as to GCC banks managers. It is useful for those banks which are considering expanding their branch network to Arab GCC countries.