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The Impact of Experimentation in Interactive Marketing

The Impact of Experimentation in Interactive Marketing

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Since its emergence, the Internet and Internet related technologies have permeated almost all aspects of the modern life. The impact of the Internet on the day-to-day activities of its users has been quite dramatic. However, its effect on the business community has been even more profound. Besides yielding additional opportunities for existing businesses, the Internet has facilitated a new era of companies that have the Internet at the center of their business model, businesses that simply would not be able to exist without it. As such Internet-centric and increasingly traditional businesses now rely on Interactive Marketing as a source of revenue, differentiation and competitive advantage. This book examined Interactive Marketing through the prism of experimentation as a way of propelling Interactive Marketing forward and enabling it to keep pace with technological advances. Experimentation lies at the core of product development, improvement and innovation. Active experimentation has been utilized as a product strategy in numerous business fields, but it has been largely ignored in Interactive Marketing.