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Positioning a Tourist Destination

Positioning a Tourist Destination

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Positioning has been regarded as one of the most important strategic options in marketing. This book examines and explores this strategy in a relatively unknown tourist destination in India. As the culmination of a Doctoral study in the end of the 1990s, the book is rich in methodology and analysis prudent for such a work. Simply put, the work first tries to ascertain the preferences on various variables including travel, stay, sightseeing etc. of the tourists and potential tourists. Their perceptions on the destination are also elicited through a survey. The responses thus gathered are treated with factor analysis and finally an ideal two- dimensional position for the destination is arrived at. The destination marketers can use this position (and the methodology to arrive at such suitable positions for other destinations) to broadly target their objectives and efforts in order to attract and satisfy the desired segments of tourists. This work can very well be used as reference for marketing – especially for tourism or services marketing.