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Designing Website Interface for E-Commerce

Designing Website Interface for E-Commerce

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Over the last two decades, the Internet has been dramatically revolutionizing many aspects of transactions between consumers and firms. Unlike traditional marketing channel, B2C e-commerce depends largely on Web interface to communicate information with consumers. The distinctiveness of this new marketing channel highlights the importance of understanding the effects of the Web interface design on consumers’ online shopping behavior. This book, therefore, provides new suggestions for B2C e-commerce practitioners on how to design Web interface. Three separate but related essays are included. The first essay presents an online customer value framework to examine key components of customer value and investigate its impact on e-commerce competition. The second essay investigates how website aesthetics influences online consumer shopping value. Finally, the third essay investigates how product list design on e-commerce website affects consumer decision making and product choices. These analyses should help shed some light on how to design appropriate interfaces, and should be especially useful to designers of Web stores.