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A Balance Score Card for Restaurant Management

A Balance Score Card for Restaurant Management

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A restaurant’s success depends on many different factors of influence which can be summarized in four segments, the product, the place, the price and the promotion of a restaurant. Therefore, a successful restaurant concept needs to determine its product appearance as e.g. the qualification and productivity of its employees. It also has to consider the restaurant’s location factors, the given room arrangement, the price – quality spectrum as well as its image in order to convince customers of the restaurant’s concept, thus generating sustainable success. In practice, many restaurants exhibit a huge amount of significant defects, leading to failure or even to bankruptcy of the business. The defects emerge at different levels of operation as e.g. through unmotivated employees. The Balance Score Card (BSC) for restaurants is created to counteract the defects and provide information for future decisions. Therefore, by implementing a BSC, the restaurant’s management obtains a managing and control instrument, helping to analyze historical strategies and to develope current and future strategies.