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Structured Finance

Structured Finance

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This publication pursues a distinct approach to the issue of strategic acquisition structuring by establishing a link between the two most important financing decisions; the determination of the maximum acquisition price based on valuation and the form of payment utilized by the acquirer. This discussion is supplemented with selected case studies and an overview of the most common forms of acquisitions. The publication does not attempt to reveal a correlation between the implementation of a particular valuation methodology or form of payment and the internal rate of return of an investment firm or the return on equity of a corporate investor. Instead, the main argumentation is based on the idea that there is not one single right choice of valuation technique and payment tools that can be applied to all acquisitions; consequently, the selection of specific financing instruments should rather follow a criterion that accounts for the unique features of a transaction but allows for an objective judgment with respect to the appropriateness of a certain set of valuation techniques and forms of payment. This book identifies the type of target firm as the most appropriate criterion.