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Complexity and Leadership

Complexity and Leadership

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Complexity is an intriguing field of research, perhaps because every new bit of knowledge seems to generate even more questions. The incompressibility of complex systems and the non-linear interaction between many interrelated parts reveals a world of surprise and emergence, a world in which adaptive properties are the golden key to individual and organizational success. A complexity perception of the world has implications for leadership, both in terms of what constitutes leadership and what one should emphasize in order to conduct effective leadership. Through a thorough examination of existing literature a number of proposals for a Complexity Approach to leadership are articulated with complementary suggestions on practical steps leaders could take in order to better adapt to complexity. The empirical framework of this book is the Norwegian Armed Forces where the Cadets at the Norwegian Military Academy, branch of Army, are the subject of research. Based on an empirical survey the Cadets'' attitudes towards complexity principles are elucidated, providing a valuable foundation for evaluation of the current educational paradigm.