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Dynamics of Global Stock Market

Dynamics of Global Stock Market

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With the financial crisis of 2007-08, the old issue of finance-growth nexus is resurrected. The crisis has revealed once again how a structurally flawed global financial system under the New Financial Architecture might prove to be dangerous for the rest of the economy. At this crucial juncture, thus, inquiries about the functioning of the global financial markets are likely to be invoked. This book while exploring this issue concentrates on the global stock market. Specifically, it is a study into the global market dynamics, their intrinsic natures, common trends and their dynamic interlinkages during the stock market crisis of 2007- 2008 and the recent recovery period that has started from March 2009. It inquires whether and how the dynamics and interlinkages of a market change as it moves closer to a peak, falls from it and recovers. Finally it seeks to explore how the intrinsic nature of the stock market could be described? Is it really an ‘order disguised as disorder''?