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Managing Tourist Service Quality in the Airline Industry

Managing Tourist Service Quality in the Airline Industry

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This book sets out the basics of delivering tourist service quality in the context of airline industry in Egypt. Since service quality is significant factor for airlines, research related to service quality and tourist satisfaction in the airline industry has been growing. However, prior to the author''s pilot study, no empirical study has been performed to test the relationship between using strategic planning tools and meeting tourists'' needs and expectations in the Egyptian airline sector. This book, therefore attempts to break new ground by developing a novel service quality management tool called TNE-Matrix to achieve the airline service quality excellence. Collected data supported all hypotheses put forward in terms of the applicability of TNE-Matrix. A practical solution for enhancing the delivering process of TSQ was provided through applying the proactive perception strategy prototype. This is a highly readable book, aimed at experts, practitioners and researchers in the fields of tourism strategic planning and service quality, scientists, post-graduate students and all of those who are aiming to improve their skills in the profession.