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Usability of a Major Financial Internet Portal in Russia

Usability of a Major Financial Internet Portal in Russia

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This research study is an investigation of the perception of users of the Usability and Performance of the translingual features of a Russian financial Web portal. Three groups of university students in the U.S. and Russia participated in user surveys and focus group interviews. Usability was assessed utilizing criteria of Efficiency, Affect, Adaptability, Helpfulness and Control. Quality of Performance was evaluated using Retrieval Features, User Effort, and Measures of Effectiveness. Results were compared by criteria and by separate factors between the three groups of users. The results were also tested in terms of how the translingual feature is associated with all the Usability and Quality scores. A third component includes a phenomenological analysis of prevailing factors of the Lebenswelt of users, elicited from focus group interviews and qualitative open-ended questions of the survey. Present research demonstrated that Translated version is an adequate translingual feature, and the current trend of creating Parallel versions on the Web might segue into stage when Translated versions will effectively compete with Parallel ones.